Species Hedgeheg
Homeworld Sonic Fighting Academy
Series DeviantART
Affiliation Sonic Military (Formerly) Darkness
Gender Male


—Coldsteel the Hedgeheg

Coldsteel the Hedgeheg is a highly requested newcomer for Super Smash Bros 4.



For those too lazy to read

Profile Edit

Coldsteel's SSB4 Reveal Trailer01:15

Coldsteel's SSB4 Reveal Trailer

Coldsteel the Hedgeheg was born in some place to Adolf Hitler, with a special power. He was stronger than any of his fellow classmates in the Sonic Fighting Academy. Later in his life, he served in the Sonic Military, fighting the dark forces of Shadow the Hedgehog. In the final battel against Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow turned Coldsteel the Hedgeheg to the darkness, and he killed Sonic. During this battel, he lost a part of his ear.

Coldsteel likes hurtin people, bein badass, motorcycles, the band "Nine Inch Nails", killing, death, punk rock, jinco jeans, skulls, darkness, hot gurls with big boobys who are sluts, Ninne inch nails on his finger, earrings (which aren't girly), and the color purple (the cool kind, not the gay kind)

Coldsteel dislikes happiness, Levis, Kevin Robinson from school, Trent Rezner, short nails, khaoskid663 (who is a fuckin Pokemon scammer fagot), sunshine, life, blood_skull_boi84's dad, and football.

Coldsteel the Hedgeheg will soon star in his first ever video game, Coldsteel the Hedgeheg™, coming exclusively to Xbox One. Pre-order today to receive the exclusive Mountain Dew™and Doritos™™™™™™™™™ Blitz DLC pack.

Coldsteel will also star as both the main hero and villain in the upcoming Sonic Forces.

Moveset Edit

Made by CaptainDungoose

B: Gun: Coldsteel shoots with a gun

Side B: Motorcycle: Coldsteel rides his motorcycle like the badass he is

Down B: Stomp: Coldsteel lifts his foot and spikes come out of his shoe and he *steps on you*

Up B: Shiv: Coldsteel pulls out a knife and jumps upwards, stabbing anyone above him.

Final Smash: Darkness: Coldsteel becomes one with the darkness and KOs any opponents in his way


Up: Says "f*** you kevin you peace of s***"

Down: Says "earrings arent gurly"

Side: Says "pssh...nothin personnel...kid..."

His stage would be the Sonic Fighting Academy, and the music for it would be Nine Inch Nails songs and punk rock songs. The default music is Hurt.

Trivia Edit

  • If Kevin Robinson from school is reading this page, fuck you Kevin.

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