Chrob FE Warriors Smash 3
Species Chrobeian
Homeworld Yrisse
Series Fiber Eblem
Affiliation Blue Haired Swordsman
Gender Chrob

I suppose I'll get my chance... another day...

—Chrob 2: Electric Boogaloo


A popular newcomer choice, now disconfirmed.

After E3 2014, he became part of the Gematsu Three alongside Shulk and the Chorus Kids.

Who is Chrob 4?Edit

Chrob 5 is the main nigga of Fiber Eblem Abakening. Chrob 6 is some spoiled ass prince faggot. Chrob 7 is also a blue haired swordsman.


Chrob 8 is the main character from Nintendo's rip-off game called Fiber Eblem Abakening (not to be confused with Fire Emblem Awakening, which Chrob 9 isn't even a character in). Being Nintendo, their game sold more even though it was an inferior copy of Fiber Eblem. This bitch ass nigga was disconfirmed from being a playable character when we was fucking owned by Captain Falcon. He can be seen in the trailer laying on the ground like a bitch. He's lucky to be in Robin's final smash. This nigga got fucked up along with Gematsu. 

Chrob 10 in SmashEdit

Chrob 11 was one of the most requested characters to be in Smash Bros, due to him being a completely original blue-haired swordsman. That concept is completely new to Smash, so the outcry was huge. Then, Fire Emblem Awakening came out, and Chrom took all the glory away from Chrob 12. Chrob 13 got angry and shit his pants, and got a whole army of fans of Fiber Eblem and Chrob 14s to take back their popularity. 

Chrob 15's relevance to GameFAQSEdit

The "Chrob 16" meme was started by NotSnowske, due to his dislike of Fire Emblem, he decided to reply to a thread regarding the series with the creation of the character, then after a few posts he granted the new life a sequel. He continued until others followed suit.

Chrob 17Edit

Everytime Chrob 18's name is mentioned in a thread, the next post saying Chrob 19 must have a number after indicating that its another Chrob 20.


User: Chrob 21

User #2: Chrob 22

User #3: Chrob 23

And the list goes on.

Users who love Chrob 24 Edit

Chrob 25 is Love, Chrob 26 is LifeEdit

- NoJobChrob (27)

- GoddessChrob (28)

- Chrob2 (29) 
To No One's Surprise

Chrome, from the Fire Embull!

Death Edit

Chrob 30 was killed by Captain Falcon on Monday, July 14th, 2014. Two near-death have since surfaced.

As of July 29, 2015, Sakurai has urinated on his grave with the announcement of a Chrob 31 Mii Costume.
Smash Bros00:37

Smash Bros. Direct 7 14 2014-0

His death.



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