Fucking Pimp

Charlie is the loyal and kick-fucking-ass dog of Mikokiri (And Little Ridley..). He is a Pomeranian/Japanese Spitz and is fluffy as hell. He is well known by Miko's Skype Group for mastering the bark of a fucking legend, and for his overall cuteness. He is a wanted newcomer of Matt, and might appear on an upcoming roster...

Like all else in the group, Charlie has had some form of hatred of Bec. Although he's never wanted to flat out shooter her like some users, he has bit the bitch when angry. She's not allowed to take his ball.. That's a no-no.

Early LifeEdit

Before settling down and becoming an average house pet, rumor has hit he used to roll with all kinds of bitches. Hell, I've even heard he started a posse with General Pepper.


  • He's not energyman.
  • Before meeting up with Miko, he got his balls cut off..
    • RIP Charlie's balls 2009-2009
  • Some have said he looks like a Fennekin.
  • He's the first member of the DK Crew.
  • Miko just called him a "cutie boy" about 9-12 times while I typed this.

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