Cut the Zard
Species Charizard
Homeworld Kanto
Series Pokemon
Affiliation Pokemon
Gender Male




Charizard is Pokemon #006 and Ridley's son, and he's a fucking pimp. He may look like a badass dragon, but he doesn't need no fucking Dragon typing. That's for pussies. Except when he Mega Evolves, showing that it's not for pussies. Charizard also has the best tail in the game by far, much to the pleasure of a certain user


This is a gallery to show how much of a great friend and fucking pimp Charizard is.


Charizard is the perfect example of a popular Nintendo character whose Smash appearance was handled badly; see its Ganondorf Syndrome entry for more info.

Charizard is the definitive fanboy favorite Pokémon (something not even the more iconic/popular Pikachu can claim). It's basically the Link of its franchise, complete with countless popularity poll victories and a vocal fanbase that overrates its badassery. While its overzealous fandom and disproportionate marketing attention have raised some bile, there's no denying that it's one of the most beloved and iconic Pokémon of all, to the point that it even arguably overshadows some Nintendo protagonists such as Wario, Fox McCloud, and every Fire Emblem character.

Despite this, Charizard was largely ignored as a Smash character because of its very "meh" debut in the series, as not only a member of Pokémon Trainer's team in Brawl but a lackluster and boring one at that. This continued into Smash 4 despite the mild attempt at hyping up its return to the series, where it was considered unfun to play and the worst character in the game during the game's early days, to the point that it verged on outright unpopularity and people wanted it cut.

Eventually, things cooled down, and Charizard became a generally liked and accepted character, helped by the shitton of balance buffs that it got over time. But the damage is done, and it doesn't have much hope of attaining the cult sacred cow status that Captain Falcon, Ike and its series-mate Mewtwo have.

Overall, Charizard's Smash appearance serves as a precautionary tale of sorts: if you want your popular character to appeal to the Smash fanbase, they have tastes that aren't necessarily the same as those of the character's home series' fanbase. They won't latch on to your "badass fire dragon" unless it's fun and rewarding to play as in a platform fighter setting.

Charizard the Flare Blitz Scrub SpammerEdit

Charizard is generally considered a stereotypical low-tier heavyweight (though not to Brawl Ganondorf levels), except in 4-player free-for-alls. This didn't stop countless scrubs and casuals in the early days from using it online and spamming Flare Blitz, which got really annoying for some people and was quite easy to stop for others.

Despite this, Flare Blitz spamming is a viable strategy in said 4-player matches.

Is He A Dragon?Edit

Charizard argument

Arguments over Charizard's species, in a nutshell

While Charizard is modeled after a European dragon, there are some people who insist that he is a flying lizard (or more rarely a dinosaur, a non-dragon mythical salamander, or (in a parodic sense) a bird). This is mostly due to his lack of Dragon typing in his base form, and is far from the only case of a Pokémon having a weird typing that contradicts their design (Vibrava, Gyarados, Celebi...).

Official sources have been inconsistent on the matter. The Pokémon anime has played with this, having several characters mistaken Charizard for a Dragon-type until they've been corrected on the matter (some people claim that the original Japanese version simply stated "Charizard isn't a dragon"). However, SSB4 clearly labels Charizard as a dragon through two Event Matches and the "Dragon Derby" conquest - notably, it excludes the also dragonlike Bowser from dragon-related events that feature Zard along with Ridley, Yoshi and Corrin, implying that those four can be considered dragons while Bowser isn't one.

The most common arguments are that Charizard isn't Dragon-type either because of starter type balancing (which was thrown out the window in Gen IV) or because, at the time, Dragon was intended to be a "rare" typing exclusive to the Dragonite line (which is why Gyarados lacks the type too).

Overall, there is no official confirmed design basis/reasoning for Charizard either way apart from the aforementioned tidbits from Smash and the anime. While "Is Charizard a dragon/lizard?" topics on both the Smash or Pokémon boards used to be guaranteed bait topics (possibly as an extension of the fandom rivalry between Gen I and everything else), the subject is considered a dead horse nowadays.


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  • If you compare Ike to Charizard and his fanbase to genwunners, Ike fans tend to get butthurt.
  • Stereotypical genwunners tend to overrate Charizard's strength and badassery to Chuck Norris levels, except to them it's completely unironic while for everyone else (including more level-headed Zard fans) it just comes across as stupid and laughable.
  • Charizard is literally the only character who could be cut in Smash Bros. Ultimate, probably going back to being Pokemon Trainer's.