Candy Kong/Kim Kardashian
Candy Kong
Species Ape
Homeworld Jungle
Series Donkey Kong/Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Affiliation slut
Gender Female

Candy Kong/Kim Kardashian is a hot slut and everyone wants her for Smash. Except no one wants her lesbian buff gym teacher look cause she is no where near as hot as her Blonde self.

Biography Edit

Candy Kong was born as Kim Kardashian. She was an ugly ass lesbian buff gym teacher in hopes of scoring some fame. She fucked Dixie Kong, and their sex tape went viral. Since Dixie Kong is part of the Kongs, she became famous and scored some cash. She used her money to get a makeover, including some beautiful Platinum Blonde Hair. She dumped Dixie and tried being heterosexual, but Kanye West (a fellow primeape) was too self centered. Rumor has it she started dating Dixie Kong... but who knows, the media could be making shit up. She also stars in her own reality TV show Keeping up with the Kongs.


before surgery/ the sex tape

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