Boobs vs Butts is a constant argument between quinfordmac and energyman2289. It's a page now. Why? Because fuck you.


If you think Boobs are better, add yourself to this list.


An example of boobs

In the middle Edit

If you can't decide, add yourself to this list.


If you think Butts are better, add yourself to this list.


If you think don't care about the subject, add yourself to this list.
  • Mikokiri - Is a girl so doesn't care. But she believes she'll have at least a nice ass once she is fully grown.
  • ChibiDialga - Also a girl so she doesn't care that much. Probably offended because her body is barely better than Hatsune Mikus. Not to mention she's a shorty, 5 feet, so... We have ourselves a real life loli. As you can see in the picture of the girl in the black and pink dress, you can barely tell she has anything... I guess instead of ChibiDialga it's... ChibiBewbies! *snickers
  • MNova - Asexual, so doesn't really care either.

Disgusting ExamplesEdit

  • Big Butt Example 1
  • Big Butt Example 2
  • Big Butt Example 3
  • Big Butt Example 4
  • Big Butt Example 5

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