Blaziken Pokken
Species Blaziken
Homeworld Hoenn
Series Pokemon
Affiliation Awesome Bird Fighters
Gender 87.5% Male

12.5 % Female




Blaziken is one of the most popular Generation III Pokemon. In fact, it's basically Gen III's Charizard. It's also what made the Fire/Fighting starter thing cool. It's also seen as a popular third Gen choice... at least it was before the Sceptile fad started and Gardevoir received a sudden rise in popularity. It would probably be first in line as a Gen III Pokemon, though (well, actually, second under Plusle and Minun, since they were actually considered for Brawl, but still). 


It's a bipedal fighting chicken with fire abilities and martial arts. If that doesn't win you over, you may as well leave the page now. In fact, you can. That's all you need to know about why it's so awesome. So go. Well, unless you want to learn about either its death or its supporters. But otherwise get out.

Oh, and it has a mega evolution. That's speling out its Final Smash potential right there. GET TO IT, SAKURAI!

Its DeathEdit

Sakurai ruthlessly disconfirmed it by showcasing it in some random Pic of the Day on the Kalos Pokemon League. That's right, it's just a background element that watches you battle.

That's probably for the best, though, because if it joined it would wreck you.

Supporter ListEdit

OK, seriously, go away now. Or look at his pictures. That works too, if you're into that kind of stuff.


...OK, now this is just creepy. Please leave now before we call the cops.

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