Bill Trinen
Born Sometime before 1991
Position Director, Product Marketing Manager (Nintendo)
Affiliation Being sent to Japan by Reggie
Gender Male

Bill was actually Master Hand.

Bill Trinen is the most powerful nigga of the Nintendo Treehouse. He enjoys owning Puerto-Ricans in Smash and he kicks Reggie's ass all the time with no Johns. He will enter EVO2015 and defeat everyone with a secret command which was implemented in the 1.0.9 patch, which makes Bob-Ombs spawn above the opponent, exploding. With this tactic, Bill is secured to win. (He pulled out after Iwata's death, but he has promised he will watch it from afar. 

Bill's SurpriseEdit

At SDCC 2014, Bill Trinen delivered a ton of sexy surprises at the event. He demonstrated sexy Rosaline 2-Hit Wombo Combos and he kicked a dude's ass with such incredible tactics. He also crafted the Legendary Red Robe and the Aluminum Fail Hat.

Bill answers the age-old question...Edit

Is Sheik a Woman?

Bill answered the Jaw-dropping question...

Sheik is a woman


Everyone Shat thier pants. 


  • He can beat any SmashFAQs member.
  • He likes playing with his toys.
  • He likes surprises.
  • Because he mains Rosalina, he is a bitch.
  • He is a tier whore
  • He was fired and replaced by Reggie's son.
  • Bill is kill? (00:14

    Bill is kill? (

    Courtesy of Etika.

    He was going to compete at EVO 2015, but he had to pull out after Iwata's death.

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