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Ridley indeed.


BiggerRidIey is a user on the GameFAQS Smash for Wii U boards.  He is most well known for his "high quality" works of art and his extreme overabundance of accounts. He is now almost exclusively Butt.

Smash BoardsEdit

BiggerRidIey frequents the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U board, where he posts often. He creates a topic at least once a day.

When he is genuinely interested in the topic being discussed, he'll usually give a well written, probably not-so logical answer. If he finds a topic that is not worth his time, he will Ridley it. He is often forgotten, despite being one of the more prominent users on the board.


BiggerRidIey is humble and accepts that his topics are terrible.



BiggerRidiey's self proclaimed best friend.  The two are often seen Ridleying together.




  • He has lost over 40 different accounts in his time on GameFAQs
  • BiggerRidIey's baby, Giraffe Ridley won a contest hosted by Waluigi7
  • Started the NoSympathyIke crisis before it was shortly ended by angsty 14-year old users
  • BR closed it after betting his account on The ESRB Leak being false

Most Wanted Characters for SSB5 Edit