Battlefield 3 Game Cover

The only game that matters because it did as well as MW3.

Battlefield is a series of first person shooter games by EA that don't really get much atention. That is, until people decided to hype up their third version so that people would buy it enough for the franchise to rival the gaming supergiant Call of Duty. It went basically nowhere after that. Edit

People who support Battlefield content Edit

No one supports content from this game, most won't even know what it is. Edit

Trivia Edit

It has no relev--------OH SHIT! You meant THAT Battlefield. Edit

Okay, let's restart this Edit


Big Battlefield as it appears in Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Big Battlefield is a stage new to Super Smash Bros for Wii U, meant to show off 8-player Smash. It's like Battlefield, but big. Despite this, you can do 8-Player Smash on regular Battlefield Edit

Layout Edit

Big Battlefield is rather bland. Because of it's blandness it's popular among competitives. It's a bigger Final Destination with six platforms, that's it. Battlefield forms for all stages, similarly to Omega or Final Destination forms, were one of the most requested features because even competitive players who ban stages with stage hazards that one can time and predict easily and use to their advantage need some small form of variance within the small circle of tournament legal stage types they have. Edit