Account Created Some Date
Karma Level 15: New User
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames Flawless
The King
Syla's Boyfriend

This user is famous across every corner of GameFAQs. He casually trolls the SmashFAQs board.

morgan_Von_Veb and Kool-AidMaster hate his guts. He is planning in retiring his trolling. He recently married KingIceSonic.

For some reason kidmf935 considered naming his Pidgey in Pokemon Y version "Bellagio" after him (no one else, and no, kidmf935 has not ever said anything more than a sentence to him).

He has been banned several times.

Account HistoryEdit

  • Bellagio
  • Bellagio23
  • Bellagio_
  • _Bellagio
  • -Bellagio
  • Bellagio_2
  • FireStorm533
  • _Bellagio_
  • Belalagio_3
  • -Bellagio-
  • Bellagio_4
  • Bellagio_5
  • Bellagio_6
  • Bellagio_7
  • Bellagio_8

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