Banjo and Kazooie
BK Smashified
Species Honey Bear and Breegull
Homeworld Spiral Mountain
Series Banjo-Kazooie
Affiliation Banjos, Kazoos
Gender Male (Banjo), Female (Kazooie)

Over goofy funny bear and sarcastic bird with potentially awesome stages, music, assist trophies, etc...



Characters formerly owned by Nintendo, but sold to Mon€¥$oft. They're actually extremely popular, but they don't have a lot of active support because many don't see them happening. 

Yoshi2010 presents... The PurchaseEdit

'Twas the year before Xbox
And all through the house
The only creature stirring
Was a computer mouse.

For the Dreamcast had failed
The PS2 was lame
And they only used GameCube
For Smash Bros. Melee

But Bill Gate was thinking
That year at E3
Who better to revive
The market than me!

But they were just lazy
To make games on their own
So they went to Ninty
In a harsh tone.

Sell us Banjo-Kazooie
Cos Rare doesn't suck
And if you do it
You'll get a big buck

And so off went Conker
And the Battletoads
But he whose missed most
Is the bear of old

Because now he is ruined
They made no more games
And now Rare make Kinect Adventures
Which is just plain lame.


  • Sakurai was actually going to put them in Melee, or so My Ass tells me, but then the sale got in the way of that. Meaning we were this close to having them playable.