Baby Peach
Species Baby Human
Homeworld Peach's Vagina
Series Everything
Affiliation Sanrio Employee
Gender Female
Baby Peach is a baby version of Peach.

The Queen Of All BabiesEdit

Baby Peach is currently employeed at the local Sanrio store in a mall somewhere. She is older than she looks, and has complete lesbian control over Baby Mario's dildos. She gave birth to Baby Rosalina when she got horny from the whore Candy Cunt.


Baby duo

Baby Peach is about to drag Baby Daisy to hell.

Baby Peach hates Baby Daisy.

Then again, no one likes Baby Daisy.



Baby Peach's origins.

his wikia does not allot enough space for the long story, so long story short is many, many erections.

Yoshi felt bad and shoved her crown up his ass and thought it felt good. He adopted her but then Mario saw Yoshi fucking a baby, so Mario killed Yoshi which is why Yoshi was cut. Then Mario allowed her to play in spinoffs with Baby Mario's dildos.

Super Smash Bros.Edit

Baby Peach will be playable. Just watch.

Baby Peach's Trophy.

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