FE Heroes Azura Smash
Species Waifu
Homeworld Divine's basement
Series Fire Emblem
Affiliation Divine_shadow_
Gender Female (therefore a waifu)
 Azura (formerly Aqua (formerly The Dancing Lady)) is a character from Fire Emblem Fates. We don't know much about her, other than that she has blue hair and may or may not use a sword. Oh, she's got fanservice too. You can easily see up her dress (but she's got nothing on Camilla). She is already one of the many waifus of notorious man-whore Divine shadow.

She has already been confirmed for the next smush braz 4 the Wii U2 (featuing Bono) and 4DS.

In her home game Edit

It aint released yet STFU (well, it is in Japan, but spoilers) but the most likely thing is that she'll always be by the main character's side, no matter which kingdom they choose. And she's probably gonna be a blue haired Olivia or some shit.

What we know of her is that she is most likely important to the plot and she dances, and is almost drowned in a lake. Nothing else. We don't even know her name (lawl) or when you meet her or anything... 

Well, now we know some shit. 

She has this necklace that can use water powers for SOME reason when she sings, I'm pretty sure the Nohr siblings are her half siblings because her father is just the biggest manwhore ever and she pops out a useless child called Shigure and he has his hair on colour lock for absolutely no fucking reason. 

Also she dies for no reason in Birthright and Conquest.

Oh, and Revelation? Yeah, turns out literally the only thing it answers is who her mother is and what her relation to the Nohrians is. No, really, that's it. She's probably less relevant to the plot than even Micaiah. She's like if Lucina weren't tied to Grima and never spoke about how she actually came from the future.

Supporters Edit


  • Some people think her hair resembles tentacles.
  • She has two dresses, one of which is white, while the other is black and blue. Shut up.
    • This is factually incorrect. She only has one dress. The mysterious blue-haired singer in the black and blue who shows up in Conquest's opera chapter is most definitely not Azura.
  • People on the Fire Emblem if board are speculating that she's a villain.
  • One of the first topics on the Fire Emblem: If board asked how long it would be before Rule 34 of her was made.
  • She wears a different dress depending on whether you side with Hoshido or Nohr.
  • Aqua x ArchestArcher is actually canon but Divine_shadow_ is just jelly so he denies it
  • ^ Lies from Satan
  • ^is actually Satan spreading lies
  • ^no u
  • ^bb stop pls u no she loves me
  • ^Shut up both of u's, she's a lesbo.
  • ^If this is true, then I will b3 grill 4 her.
  • ^I'm already a girl, we can leso it up together sorry Divine
  • Sorry she's confirmed straight
  • ^Homophobe.
  • ^All of the above are proof that the Fire Emblem fanbase is cancer and that it should not have got any new characters in Smash Bros.
  • ^Oops it did. Who wants Hector?
  • Placed 15th in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends poll.

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