One night, Pat decided that it was a good idea to go on and read descritionss for Sonic x MLP crossovers.

They were awful.

Miko decided to make a parody of the bad ones that were trying to be good, thats when Sonic and Rainbow Adventures 4ever was born. Pat decided to make a fanfic similar to it of his own because Miko's was so bad good, that he made his own. So Sanic and Ronbiw Dish Avdenture was born, but that was soon banned, maybe because the 12 year old admins or whatever at Fanficion decided that Pat's fanfic was trying to copy Miko's too much.

Matt made a Ghirahim x LordCarlisle story, but that got banned after only one chapter because the english was way too poor, even for FanFictions standards.

List of high-quality cancer Edit

List of top-tier gold Edit

Knowing the difference Edit

High-quality cancer are fanfics that are seemingly trying but are horrible crap but are top-quality cringe

Top-tier gold are parodies and crackfics that mimic high-qualtiy cancer so well that it becomes art

Know the difference.

Fans Edit

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