Annual LordCarlisle day first took place on August 21, 2014 when our Demon Lord Ghirahim took his fall to the rank of an Assist Trophy. We are here to remember when LordCarlisle topics were about Ghirahim! Whether they pissed you off or made you laugh, you cannot deny that Carl was a committed user, and his devotion to the Demon Lord was an inspiration for us all.

Carl made a bet that if there were to be a Zelda newcomer, it were to be Ghirahim.. As this is now an impossibility, we hope that LordCarlisle will not have to close his account. But we are the board. We can help steer his decision. So, list your name below if you don't want Carl to close his account.

  • energyman2289
  • ecylis
  • Radori (Though honoring a bet is honoring a bet)
  • AuraWielder
  • kidmf935
  • Taojaz
  • SmashingBros
  • HerbertMcGee
  • VelocityHill
  • Yoshi2010
  • Regan145
  • Powers46

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