August 19th was a day that started out like any other, only to spiral into a rollercoaster of madness.

Synopsis of Events Edit

  • Sakurai's Pic of the Day revealed that Samus had a midriff-baring alternate costume, which triggered lots of flame wars on Tumblr and shit.
  • Brinstar was revealed to be a returning stage, too.
  • The ESRB leak surfaced, triggering lots of arguments over the legitimacy of the leak, as it had some downright bizarre choices that nobody liked, like Dark Pit or Bowser Jr., not to mention the fact that the leak claimed that the Ice Climbers were cut, but Dr. Mario returns as his own character.
  • The leak claimed that popular character choices (and what many considered to be shoo-ins) such as Ridley, King K. Rool, and Mewtwo  were not in the game.
  • UnknownUber Came'd
  • Lots and lots of flame wars ensued.
  • The whole board began searching for inaccuracies, going into very obscure yet surprisingly credible things like a curved stripe on Ness' shirt. And then even that lost credibility the next day at some point after more things lined in favor of the leak.
  • HerbertMcGee turned 18, so that's cool, I guess.
  • Arceus5000 discovered that there may be a Nintendo Direct soon. And then it turned out that it was just the Hyrule Warriors direct, or something.
  • ChibiDialga got warned again after coming back from being warned 2 days ago.