Anri wields the Falchion
Species Human
Homeworld Altea
Series Fire Emblem
Affiliation Not Medeus
Gender Male

Anri is a character Referenced in the Fire Emblem Series. on May 29, 2014, Awsomdud had a half asleep vision of a blue haired swordsman, who looked quite a bit like Anri, getting confirmed, under the name Anri.

And then we actually did get a long-haired Marth clone.


Anri was a cool blue haired guy. One day he decided to kill Medeus, some evil dragon. He soloed the hardest chapters in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem and defeated the final boss of Shadow Dragon AND New Mystery, all on his own. He was too busy being a badass to settle down and raise a family, so his great nephew, Marth, became the series mascot, even though Anri is way cooler.

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Some Facts about AnriEdit

  • Anri soloed the Anri's Way chapters.
  • Anri is ROFL at you Limitbreaker NOOBZ. His stats don't cap.
  • Anri has no Holy Blood, but still manages to kill everyone.
  • Anri Negated Imhullu. Without Starlight.
  • Marth was called the "Second Coming" of Anri
  • Anri Soloed Apotheosis without weapons.
  • Anri deals bonus damage to units with no weaknesses
  • Gaston Sings Anri's Praise.

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