This is what anime usually looks like

Anime is the Japanese word for cartoons, which weeaboos have taken to refer to just Japanese animation. In Japan, all animation is referred to as anime. Yes, even Shrek. And King of the Hill. Boomhauer is my favorite anime character.

On the boards, "anime" is a buzzword that generally means "human character from anything that isn't Mario." The Fire Emblem cast is most frequently accused of being anime, as is Shulk, even though Marth is the only one to ever be in anime. And that was just a 2-episode direct-to-video anime. Yeah.

But by Japanese terms, Mario is anime because of the Super Mario Bros Super Show. And King Hippo is anime because of Captain N. Pac-Man is anime too because of that Hanna-Barbara cartoon (There has never been a Pac-Man cartoon since then). And even Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are anime. And that's not even getting into our terms of anime, including Pokemon and Kirby. I guess Smash really does have too many anime characters.

And if you guys think Smash is bad, you clearly haven't seen what happened to Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. It's not dead anymore, but it might as well be.