This is the starting point of 3D Land


The first platform segment


The coast segment, or at least what it looks like. This is actually a beta screenshot, and not what the final version looks like. Sowwy ;_;


And this is the last platform segent.

3D Land is a stage from Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS. Yeah, I'm the 3DS stages, too. 3D Land, despite the name, is not a three-dimensional battlefield a la Tekken or Power Stone. It's more like 2.5D Land, like the other stages in Smash. But it is stereoscopically 3D, so that's something. The stage starts as a scrolling stage not unlike Mushroomy Kingdom, even though it's not an abandoned wasteland because Nintendo keeps making Mario games like Super Mario 3D Land all the time. This area has Peach's castle in the background, and serves host to a variety of unique things, like donut blocks, which are not as tasty as they sound. Also, the stage is home to those green things from Super Mario 3D Land with faces that sounded like ducks. And they still do. The stage also has brick blocks and ? Blocks, just like Mushroomy Kingdom. There's also a musical note block, but you can't reach it that easily. You then reach some platforms that head through a canyon-like area. I guess it's meant to give the stage a more 3D feel, so that's pretty cool. This area allows you to focus on fighting, because the stage isn't affecting the battle. Well, it wouldn't, if it weren't for the stones that come out and push the platforms around. They push it real good. The music then changes to the beach theme from Super Mario 3D Land, as the platforms halt and drop you off by some coastline. Then you go scrolling down to the ocean, running on some slanted platforms making you go down. This area also has those rotating platforms which have cost me so many lives in Super Mario 3D Land and I hate them. And don't worry, I still hate them here. You go on some warp pipes, and reach another platform segment. Again, this area has some elements that will interrupt your fight, but this time, they are actual hazards. The ocean is filled with those spiky pillars, which rise up and hurt you. They even destroy the platforms. At this point, your main goal is to survive until you get to a giant pipe that sends you back to the beginning. Yep. That's 3D Land.

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