On November 3rd, 2014, QueenLUCiNA made an awards topic to celebrate the end of pre-release SmashFAQs. It expanded into a 5 topic saga, with 3 of those (so far) hitting 500 posts.

The CategoriesEdit

CHARACTERS Most Requested: Most Controversial: Best Newcomer: Best Overall Character on the Roster: Most Dissapointing Cut: Dark Horse (Unexpected) Newcomer: Most Annyoing Request: Most Hype Reveal: Worst Character Overall on the Roster: Worst Newcomer: 

USERS Best User: Funniest User: Most Controversial User: Most Memorable User: Most Influential User: Best Gimmick Account: Most Chill User: Most Knowledgable User Most Annoying Gimmick: Nicest User: Best New User: Best Veteran User:

OTHER Best Moment of Pre-Release Smash: Most Iconic Meme: Best Meme: Best Sakurai Trolling Moment: Best Leak: Most Believable Leak: Worst Leak: Most Shocking Smash News: Best Board Topic: Worst Event on the Board: Most Dissappointing Smash News: Best Day on SmashFAQs

The First TopicEdit

The first topic started simply enough, but about midway through it was derailed. This carried on toward the end of the topic.

Near the end, kidmf935 and Insertbumpshere argued over who would get to make the second topic for the free 500, but QueenLUCiNA said that whoever would be faster would get to make it. kidmf935 was the victor, and he successfully created a second topic.

The Second TopicEdit

The second topic completly derailed from the start, was created by kidmf935. While a few posters attempted to do more rankings, it was mostly... completely off-topic. Nothing, if you will.

Two notable developments happened here:

  1. kidmf935 achieved his first 500 topic.
  2. This was the second fastest 500 topic on the board, reaching 500 posts in 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 28 seconds.

kidmf935 also reposted his King Dedede topic on the last page.

The Third TopicEdit

The third topic was created by Austin_4e. So far, this one's been even less on-topic than the last one. Unfortunately, the mods intercepted it around 250 posts and it was deleted.

The 4th TopicEdit

Topic was created with a purpose to update users on the status of the awards and nominations. nevertheless, it continued as a social topic until it hit 500.

The 5th TopicEdit

This was the results topic. It started off with QueenLUCiNA attempting to reveal the awards every few posts, however the board did not agree and the results were revealed around post 60. They can be found below. The topic continued as a social topic and a discussion of the results. It is currently still open.

The ResultsEdit


Most Requested:

WINNER - Ridley (33)

RUNNER UP - Mewtwo (6)

Most Controversial:

WINNER - Ridley (22)

RUNNER UP - Dark Pit (18)

Best Newcomer:

WINNER - Robin (10)

RUNNER UP Mega Man (9)

Best Overall Character on the Roster:

WINNER (Tie) - Rosalina, Robin (5)

RUNNER UP (Tie) - Little Mac, Bowser (4)

Most Dissapointing Cut:

WINNER - Ice Climbers (17)

RUNNER UP- Snake (14)

Dark Horse (Unexpected) Newcomer:

WINNER - Wii Fit Trainer (16)

RUNNER UP - Duck Hunt (14)

Most Annyoing Request:

WINNER - Daisy (14)

RUNNER UP - Ridley (11)

Most Hype Reveal:

WINNER - Lucina/Robin (18)

RUNNER UP - Mega Man (12)

Worst Character Overall on the Roster:

WINNER - Dark Pit (15)

RUNNER UP - Jigglypuff (5)

Worst Newcomer: 

WINNER - Dark Pit (19)

RUNNER UP - Wii Fit Trainer (6)


Best User: 

WINNER - energyman2289 x7

RUNNER UP - ViewtifulGene x3

Funniest User:

WINNER - Ghasts x6

RUNNER UP - User728 x5

Most Controversial User:

WINNER - User728 x13

RUNNER UP - GoddessRosal1na x5

Most Memorable User:

WINNER - LordCarlisle x12

RUNNER UP - ViewtifulGene x4

Most Influential User:

WINNER - LordCarlisle x6

RUNNER UP - GoddessRosalina x5

Best Gimmick Account:

WINNER - NoSympathyIke x6

RUNNERS UP - BigBootyJynx, GoddessRosal1na, QueenLUCiNA

Most Chill User:

WINNER - energyman2289 x9

RUNNER UP - BiggerRidley x4

Most Knowledgable User:

WINNER - Austin_4e x7

RUNNER UP - NessInEagleland x5

Most Annoying Gimmick:

WINNER - GoddessRosalina x8

RUNNER UP - LordCarlisle x3

Nicest User:

WINNERS - ChibiDialga, Thundering_TNT x3

RUNNERS UP - Pikachu942, Yoshi2010 x2

Best New User


RUNNERS UP - BonQuishaLutowa, ChibiDialga x2

Best Vet:

WINNER - sylawatch x3

RUNNERS UP - Ghasts, Kooky_von_Koopa, PT_Piranha x2